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Family Martial Arts – Spend quality time with those you love.

Strengthen the family bond with fitness & learning fun!


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Practicing martial arts as a family is an excellent way to get a total body workout by using every muscle group in the body. Your stamina, muscle tone, flexibility, balance and strength will all improve so that you get fit and stay fit for life.

Not only is family martial arts a great way to learn how to be still, focused, and challenged, it also instills a sense of achievement and ethics, as you work your way up to earning a black belt.

Due to the goal setting, positive encouragement, and respect for values that are part of family martial arts, the greatest benefit most students get is greater self-confidence. You become more comfortable in all situations and you’ll discover you can accomplish anything you set your mind to.


Martial arts training isn’t always going to be easy. There will be times when you’ll be discouraged, disappointed, and want to give up. Having your family, instructors, and fellow students right there to encourage you will help keep you going.

Both kids and adults learn patience, insight, and calmness in our classes. This reminds them of the right attitude, frame of mind, and virtues to strive for, both inside and outside the studio.

As you stay fully focused on performing a new and challenging technique, you’ll improve your concentration and attention span. Staying in the present moment is not only a good way to relieve stress and frustration, but it may help to make you happier, too.


Juggling school, work, and activities can be a challenge and it’s hard to find “family time” on a regular basis, let alone quality time. Training together as a family is a wonderful way to spend quality time together while learning, having fun, and creating memories to last a lifetime.

Family martial arts strengthens the family bond and has a big impact on the “health” of the family. Everyone in the family feels closer to each other emotionally, which is always a good thing.

Family time also improves a child’s academic performance. You’re letting them know that you value learning new things, excelling in life, and you expect them to put forth their best effort. It’s an opportunity to help your kids achieve good learning skills, confidence, and success.

Frequently Asked Questions

A: Sometimes. But the truth is, injuries are very rare here. We have a lot of measures in place to keep your whole family safe. In fact, safety is our #1 concern.
A: You bet. In fact, martial arts is like a beacon of light for kids who just don't fit into team sports and for adults who feel intimated at a gym. Kids who could never throw a ball well or run fast find that martial arts is very welcoming and they feel a sense of belonging. It's something your whole family can excel at and, as a result, your confidence will soar.
A: Martial arts can be challenging at times, especially when we focus and concentrate intently... but we always balance it out with fun and games to keep everything upbeat and exciting. Students have a blast here and there's a lot of smiles, happiness, and high fives in every class.
A: Training together as a family is a great way to spend quality time together, strengthen the family bond, and grow together to be the best possible version of yourselves. In addition to having fun and creating lifelong memories, you also save a lot of money when you train together instead of separately.

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nevida shomun
- a year ago
I am thankful to this academy because they have given my child best knowledge of martial arts. I love the academy and respect all the coaches for their hard work and enthusiasm.

Keegan Marrazzo
- 2 years ago
I've been a member for 8 years and it was fun and a great workout. Karate at this establishment was exciting for the kids and the adults in the program. The instructors knew how to do their job and do it right by giving out as much and details as possible. Karate was definitely a big part of my life there but I haven't been going lately since I have school and work a lot but I'd definitely go back in the near future to go higher in the ranks and see the old friends that I had when I was there.

Stephen Coia
- a year ago
Great Studio, Wonderful Master Instructor, teaching Discipline, Respect, and Confidence! My family loves it.

Jodie Albero
- a year ago
Excellent place to learn and teach your kid discipline and respect . Master Roman is the best!!

its your girl jennifer
- 3 years ago

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